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The Community Pledge

Where businesses come together
to make a difference in their community

With the support of UK businesses, we're mapping charities and community projects across the UK through our sister project, aDoddle The Interactive Community Map.

The UK has a hidden emergency service - over 200,000 charities and community projects provide critical support to those in need. Currently, there's no way to easily find help when it's needed most.

We're making this happen but we can't do it alone.
That's where your business and The Community Pledge come in.

The Community Pledge is more than just a donation. We like to give as well.

You'll get a years membership with...


Pin point on The Community Pledge map


Full business profile page


Positive PR & marketing to reach new customers


Inspire customer & staff loyalty


Help build strong & supportive communities


Fulfil CSR & connect with the heart of your business

And there's much more in the pipeline...

One Day, One Deed, One World

The Community Pledge Promise

"Our commitment is to work with businesses to connect and support people and communities because no one gets left behind when everyone can find or give help locally."

One Day, One Deed, One World