About The
Community Pledge

We live in a digital world where we can find everything we need at the touch of a button – or do we?

If you want to find a hotel or a restaurant in your local area it’s easy – just go to Google Maps and you’ll be able to make a quick and informed decision.

Now try searching for charities, community projects and non-profit organisations in the UK. You’ll soon discover there is no one place that brings them all together so that they can be found based on location and need.

Can you imagine how that feels when all you need is to find the help for either yourself or a loved one?

After extensive research and development over the past few years the small team of dedicated volunteers, at If Everyone Cares, has developed a user friendly solution to bring together those who offer help with those who need it. It’s called aDoddle – The Interactive Community Map and it is the crucial missing link to connect people, charities and communities in a powerful way.

So, Why The Community Pledge?

The Community Pledge has been developed because of the number of businesses who told us they’d like to be more connected and supportive within their communities. However, they were often time and resource poor. Some businesses told us they already supported organisations within their community – but didn’t know how to let their community know about them or how others could be involved. Others told us that they were often approached by organisations seeking support and they felt bad saying ‘no’. – They felt that by supporting aDoddle through The Community Pledge it would give them an easy way to say ‘sorry’ and at the same time, they could encourage the organization to add themselves to aDoddle therefore increasing their potential to reaching volunteers etc. Even more businesses told us that as they had an existing budget for PR & marketing they could see the benefits of using some of that to support their community and raise their business profile at the same time.

The Community Pledge is A Simple Way For Businesses To Give Their Support

We are seeking forward thinking compassionate businesses across the UK to join us in bringing aDoddle – The Interactive community map to communities near you. We cannot do it alone, we need your help.

With Community Pledge memberships starting at less than £1 per day and fees used to fund the running of aDoddle it is a really cost effective way of supporting your community and gaining positive PR at the same time as creating a valuable resource for everyone in your community.

In return for your membership fee your business will get a full page profile on The Community Pledge Map, the use of the logo, the opportunity to be featured as a business of the week or month and more benefits will be added as we develop. Members who sign up now will be known as ‘Founding Members’ and get the use of the founding member logo.

Add to that the fact that our goal is that at the point where we start to make a profit those funds will be re-invested back into communities via existing, established Community Foundations and the social impact reports from them will be made accessible to all business members. Thereby giving you and your business further tangible results from your ‘investment’ in The Community Pledge.

By taking the pledge to support us you have an instant good news story for your customers and employees because the moment you become a Community Pledge member, your membership fee will go towards the creation and running of aDoddle – The Interactive Community Map.

What better way to demonstrate how your company is supporting everyone in your community and across the UK than by taking the pledge and helping to map all the good that is going on in your community.

The Community Pledge really is a collective effort for meaningful impact.

Pledge your support today and together we can create aDoddle - The Interactive Community Map